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Panna – What you should know about?

Satta matka is played on a variety of numbers depending on it’s rate! Panna, is one of them. There are basically 5 types of variation in a Satta matka result where you can place your bet, these being, single, jodi panna, sangam and half sangam. These are different part of the same result that’s drawn, but all these 5 variations hold different rate when wagered.
Before, we discuss about panna, let us walk you through how to read satta results.
Any matka result is declared in two parts : Open and Close.
Open is the first part of the result and Close is the second part.
Let’s consider an example.
134 – 80 – 415
Here, 134 -8 is the open result.
And, 0 – 415 is the close result.
The open and close result together arranged makes the entire drawn result.
The results on any satta website usually are displayed like:
134 – 8 0 – 415 Open result Close result
1 4
3 80 1
4 5

What is Panna?

Panna is one of the variations that one can place a bet on. Basically it’s a part of the entire result number that has a specific rate. Panna is a three digit number of the result from 000-999.
Panna is also called as Patti, or panel.
But all 3 digits numbers are not panna. Only 220 out of 1000 three digit numbers are panna.
Pannas are usually arranged in ascending order format, like for example 123 is a panna, but 231,132, 213 are not called panna.
If you arrange all the 1000 three digit numbers in ascending order pattern, you’ll find there are just 220 number that are uniquely arranged in an ascending order format.

Each panna is permanently attributed to it’s Single, based on the Sum of it’s three digits.

How to know which is a single panna?

If the sum of three digit numbers in the result sums to a number less than 10, then it is called a single panna.
For example, 123 ; the sum of this number sums to 06, which is less than 10 , hence the last digit of the sum is it’s single [0{6}].
In this case, 123 belongs to it’s single 6.
If the sum if three digits is more than 9, the last digit of the sum is said to be it’s single. For example, 456, the sum of these numbers is {1(5)}, so 5 is considered to be it’s single.
Panna are further divided into 3 categories, those being; Single Panna (SP), Double Panna (DP)and triple Panna (TP).
Single Panna (SP) : SP is the one where no two numbers are the same.
There are overall 120 single pannas.
The format of SP is; X < Y < Z. Rate for SP is 1:140. Double Panna(DP) : Here, atleast two consecuetive numbers are same.
Format is X = Y < Z. And the rate for DP is , 1:280.
Triole Panna(TP): Here, All the three numbers are same. Format is, X=Y=Z. Rate for TP is, 1:600.
People can wager on either of the three depending on what rate they want & can earn a hefty sum of money.
Panna being the simplest game, is very popular among beginners and is easy to grasp and learn.
We hope this information prepares you to enter the world of Satta matka.
So, what are you waiting for, go have some fun & win hefty rewards!

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