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Satta Matka Tips & Tricks!

Satta Matka Tips

With ever so growing need to meet society's demand, we seek for different ways to earn some extra money and one of the most trending ways that people opt these days is Satta Matka. People get easily lured by this easy money game & constantly search for Satta Matka Tips in order to get in the winning spree. But do we really know what Satta matka is? Let's go back to the history of it, before discussing about the Satta Matka tips.

What is Satta Matka, how it originated?

Satta Matka was invented in the 1950s as a result of people betting on cotton opening and closing prices that were transported via teleprinters from the New York Cotton exchange to Bombay Cotton exchange.The New York cotton exchange had heard about this activity and took immediate measures to close it down.

But with time, Satta Matka evolved as a lottery game and became completely different than what it was when it started out. During the 1980s and 1990s this game was flourished to such an extent that it generated a business of 500 crore every month. But sadly, people playing this game had to shift their interests to other games like betting on cricket and lottery after Mumbai Police's raid on Satta Matka!

B! It seems people always clawed their way out for more and more easy money.Ratan Khatri was one such person who never gave up on this game & reintroduced the concept of announcing hypothetical product opening and closing prices. It was he who, determined the number of Days and started the tradition of pulling out three cards. Numbers from 0-9 were written on different papers and put into a matka. One individual then drew chit out of it and announced the numbers that were winning. And then people would always look for Satta matka tips. As simple as the game seems, some would even play their bets on their lucky numbers hoping that it would help them win!

Over the years, Satta Matka has emerged as an online gambling game. With continuous growth in technology today, Satta Matka online game is particularly built for people looking for some extra income online. Though gambling in the country is not permitted, there are a few places that offer authentic and safe gambling. Satta matka, it's just about calculating the right numbers and collecting the extra cash you've always wanted.

And a few tips from Satta Matka might really come handy if you really want to indulge yourself in the gambling world! Below are a few tips from Satta Matka, all of you would like to go through. My first tip for you is on Satta Matka:-

1. How to play Satta Matka?

Satta Matka comes with a variety of markets, where you can bid for numbers. Few of the famous markets for Satta matka which people usually bid in are:

These markets, have a specific closing and opening time, and it's within this time, where we have to bid for numbers.

There are a variety of games, where you can chose to try your luck. These being, Ank, Jodi, Singla Panna, Double Panna, Triple Panna and Full Sangam.

While playing Ank in Satta Matka can make you win upto Rs.950 for every Rs.100 you put up, Full Sangam can make you win upto 1 Lakh for every Rs.100.

2. The second Satta Matka tip for you is go through all the important terminologies of the game, before you place a bet! There are various people into this market who can fool you claiming that they could help you win, so before playing it or taking any such help, do your homework!

Here are a few terminologies you would want to know which is an essential Satta Matka Tips :

  • i. Matka
  • These were the earthern pots used in the past to draw numbers.
  • ii. Single
  • Any digit between 0 to 9 is a single.
  • iii. Jodi/Pair
  • Any pair of digits between 00 to 99 is a jodi/pair.
  • iv. Patti/Panna
  • All the three-digit numbers are patti/panna.
  • v. Open result/close result
  • Outcome of betting is divided into two parts - the first part is a open result and second is a close result.
  • vi. SP/DP/TP
  • Single patti is like - 123
  • Double patti is like - 112
  • Triple patti is like - 111
  • vii. Cycle Patti
  • The last two digits of the Patti is called the Cycle Patti or CP. Eg, if the Patti is 482, the Cycle Patti will be 82.
  • viii. Farak
  • Farak is the difference between close and open result. For example, if the pair is 89, farak is 9-8= 1.
  • ix. Berji
  • It is the last digit of Jodi's sum. Let's say, if the pair is 86, 8+6 = 14. The last digit is 4, means berji will be 4.

3. Here is another guide for you on Satta matka, reading and watching posts on how to play Matka? There are a number of blogs and youtube videos available online that will help you appreciate the gameplaying strategies! It is Satta Matka's most critical tip, and if you don't get this one right, then no other Satta Matka tip will help you succeed!

4. One important golden rule in Satta Matka tip is to start playing with small pieces of money or betting with it. If one plays with fair volume, he plays the chance of losing at a very low point!

5. Another advice from Satta Matka is, control your quench! A player has to find out when to pause! Avoid playing for more if you lose a lot in this game in the expectation of restoring your loses, that would just bring you to more loss.

6. It's said if you're actively risking your money, your odds of losing your money are at a huge risk. So, don't play daily at Satta Matka! Along with the previous one, this Satta Matka tip will help you become more focused towards the game! Know, no game without control is ever played without loss!

7. Also, the crucial thing to win in Online Satta Matka is to care for instructions. Hold tight to your wagering techniques that you think works for you & learn when to stop. It becomes easier for you when you start playing this game more and more as you’ll experience the thrill of online gambling. To play the gambling games with ease, it is important to make proper evaluation of strategies which are built over time. The moment you start winning, you would want to move further. Gambling techniques are easy to understand. Getting a cool mind while playing satta matka is also very important. Someone will make sure that he / she will not get on his / her nerves during a session. Winning in this game isn't so easy if you don't follow the simple tips and tricks from Satta Matka. It is also best to play cautious instead of being swept away by speculation.

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