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What is SattaMatka?

As most of you must have heard, SattaMatka is a gambling game, started as a result of people betting on the opening and closing rates of the Cotton being transported from New York Cotton exchange to Bombay Cotton exchange through teleprinters. People, usually the workers, would bet on the rates of cotton to try their luck and win some extra money. With time, many people tried their share of acing at this game, but a very few could actually master the art of SattaMatka! One such person, whose name etched in the history of the gambling game was Rattan Khatri! For people associated with the gambling world, Rattan Khatri’s name may be known to all, but for people who have just stepped into this world, let us give you some insights about the man who gave an altogether different meaning to SattaMatka! Rattan Khatri was the man behind bringing the notion of declaring opening and closing costs on imaginary products soon after the ban on placing bets on cotton rates. Numbers from 0-9 would be written on portions of paper and put into a matka, a massive earthen pitcher. One individual would then draw a chit and declare the winning number. Over the years, this practice changed, and three numbers were instead drawn from a pack of cards being played. He introduced the new worli matka in 1964 with little modifications to the existing rules of the game. Rattan Khatri controlled a nationwide matka business from the early 1960 to mid 1990s. with not only nation wide connections but international connections as well.

During his reign as the Matka king, Matka business generated abundance of money, with more than a lakh people working in it. It used to be on the Dhanji street in Mumbai devi, the place Khatri began his business, where people betted on the everyday streams of the fluctuating cotton rates. Gradually, his matka business flourished, and Dhanjistreet became a hub for placing bets. Soon after the increase in the number of bets and betters and New York cotton exchange’s tight schedule, people started looking for alternatives and it was then when Khatri decided to start his own syndicate. In his own syndicate, three cards were drawn instead of one to decide the winning number. People found this practice very fair, as the results were drawn in front of them. Due to his sheer efforts, and willingness to grow this business, SattaMatka, gained it’s popularity amongst many people, searching for different various to earn some extra. Not just that, but, his dedication on making this game a fair one for all the people who trusted on him, made him the King in the Satta business. He helped SattaMatka grow into a game, where betting became a game where people could enjoy and earn at the same time. SattaMatka, moreover became a recreational activity. And because of all this, SattaMatka, still holds it’s presence even after several years of it’s existence. Today, with growing technology and various other gambling options to choose from, Satta Matka, still stands popular amongst people who enjoy betting!

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