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5 easiest way to win SattaMatka: Sattamatka guessing and sattamatka results

If you are one of those players who are tired of searching new ways to win and if you think luck is the only way that can make you win, then you my friend are highly mistaken. I agree a lot of winners rely on luck but is it really luck? Or a smart strategy and calculative minds that makes them win? Or do that they have some connections with the owner of the market? So let’s find out how to ace this game of SattaMatka and I’ll tell you about few famous result websites where you can get the best sattamatka guessing and tips.

“No other way only the sattaMatka way”

1. Select your market carefully: Bid on some new markets.
We have all heard about few famous markets like kalyan, milan, main Mumbai, Rajdhani, Kuber, and many more. We select the famous bazar because we hear more about them and it’s easier to get their guessing from internet.
And that’s how we go wrong. Markets like kalyan and main Mumbai are famous but there are some new markets where you can win easily.
Markets like Time syndicate, Main Ratan Bombay, Shubhank Night, Kamdhenu are easier to win. All you have to do is follow their facebook page and you get free tips and tricks. Markets like these are not old and want more people to win so they post accurate guessing and there’s nothing to fool you.
By selecting a new market and following their social media pages you have already won half of the battle. Now all you have to do is a little bit research to be the next satta king.
Here are the list of few new markets:
• Janta
• Kamdhenu
• Main Ratan Bombay
• Time Syndicate
• Balaji
If not this there are many more. Keep searching and playing.

2. Befriend the right SattaMatkaGuesser and Beware of the Deceiving people.
Now that you have researched about the markets that you want to bet on it’s time to research a little deeper. Finding the correct guesser could be a difficult task and finding the right person to follow is also a very difficult task.
What I would suggest you should join every new group and see how the outcome is. See if the guesser is actually giving right guessing. Because just like you sometimes it is hard for a new sattamatka guesser to reach you. There are some social media rules which prohibits them to reach you. But no worries follow the new groups and observe if you feel they are trustworthy, Go ahead and place your bet.
There are tons of kalyanmatka guesser, milan day guessers and even more sattamatka guessers but know that no one does this for free. What I have noticed till now is some people actually pay others to publish fake sattamatka guessing and in turn the players faces a huge loss. So don’t trust on every YouTube video you see.
Sorry to repeat my point but I will again say, SattaMatka guessing are best when the market is new. New markets want more people to trust them and there won’t be any fake guessers. So now that you know you need the help of guessers I’d suggest some guessing accounts that you can trust on.
• SattamatkaBahubali
• Desawar Group
• Jannat King
• Neekraj
• Main Ratan Bombay
These are some of the accounts I personally researched but if you find more please share and explore.

3. Follow the fastest and best sattamatka result sites and best sattamatka guessing sites.
This is something that is very important, go on a correct site where an executive is there and you can actually get proper guidance and be the best satta player. Sites like dpboss online and sattamatkamobi are one of the oldest and trustworthy sites. Though it’s okay to go on any sites but some sites are offering live video results. This not only keeps things transparent between the owner and the player but we are assured that we aren’t cheated.
Trusting a wrong site can be bad at times. Our trust should be bestowed upon the right people. So before you select any site make sure they have all the result history that you needed. Because that’s something that’ll actually help you when I explain the next point. A user friendly website or a proper app is what you need to go ahead.
There are actually many websites that you can go to but as we are doing the top best ones. Here are some of the top 5 best websites that I would suggest:

4. Thoroughly analyse the sattamatka chart and that’s how your luck begins to shine.
This the point where following the best sattamatka website can come in handy. With the various tricks that are in market, you need the previous results because that’s how you’ll know how you’ll get accurate sattamatka chart.
Learn to analyse the chart. It’s said that the results are often repeated. All you have to do is select a chart and observe the cycle of the results. There is a particular pattern by which the results are repeated. You can find so many tricks on internet but trust on the best ones and that’s how you know how to win.
Know that it’s always difficult to win on Saturday and Sunday because the results are always different in weekends. But we can always make a mark in week days.
For starters analyse a sattamatka chart of your favourite bazar like kalyansattamatka chart, Milan day chart, Milan morning chart and many more.
For example I’m giving a link of one sattamatkakalyan Jodi chart.

5. Know how much to spend and where to spend
When you play easier games like single Jodi or panna the prices are different and so is the winning amount. Join the best sattamatka website where you are guided thoroughly so that you can be the best player. Playing smart is something that is very important and knowing that is really important. If you play single Jodi for a week and you win once in a week you can still make profit. Being patient is what you need if you want to win.
We all know everything needs a little bit of investment and if investing on something this interesting can bring out better results then why not. Paying people for valuable satta guessing and learning their techniques is very beneficial. A sattamatka king always has a technique. This game is not entirely based on luck but it is a matter of sharp and calculative thought process and a proper technique with a right information from right people. And that’s how you know sattamatka guessing is really very important.
Now that you know the easiest way of winning sattamatka, just get started because there’s no turning back from this. Follow the steps and with the help of satta guessing be the next winner.